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MILLIONET IMPEX is a trading company, involved in import and export of different kinds of products and articles spanning all over the world. It has a primary trading expertise with architectural articles, Millionet basically operates from New Delhi, India. In 2004 amidst the changing Indian scenario, determined young pioneers are Mr. A.k. Jain and Mr. R.k. Dhawan formed a company Millionet Impex this would forever bridge a gap between occidental sophistication and oriental orthodoxy. The company is small in size but big with plans. This company’s main two objectives are to bring in state of design, architecture and technical know how to Indian industries through imports and to stimulate Indian exports, give in the impetus it required.

Ecostone mainly comprises microcrystalline powder, additive, PVC cellulose, the surface with a special glaze and fluorine paint processing. Product standard size is wide 1200mm* long 2400mm* thick 3.8mm. Color on the surface to marble pattern simulation degree is up to 99% can be spliced into a large area of pattern and color. Ecostone can replace natural marble, ceramic tiles, aluminum plate and other products. Widely used in Tunnels, Subways, Airports, Shopping malls, Hospitals, KTV, Hotel, Office, Kitchen, Washroom, Designer Ceilings, Laboratory and other venues of interior wall and column body decoration.

Category to create an ideal living space, Ecostone with a unique manufacturing process make the products reach zero formaldehyde, zero radiation, fireproof, waterproof, non_toxic harmless green environmentally friendly products.

Ecostone through the water test most suitable for the Restroom, kitchen and other damp places with antibacterial and mildew proof effect. The actual installation can be done by general wood machine tools like cutter, sawing etc. Using 995 structural silicon. Installation is very convenient and Light Weight, easy to transport and shorten the time limit for projects.

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